5 Tips On How To Always Stay Photo Fresh

We are all excited about the launch of ONTHR3 that is fast approaching. Even before the
on­demand photography mobile app arrives, our team is dedicated to helping you always look
your best for the camera. Although some of us are not always photogenic when seen in photos,
with these tips you can discover that you don’t have to be a model to take pictures like one.
Here are 8 tips to always being camera ready:

  1. Learn the Art of Posing: Sometimes all it takes is the right pose, especially poses of the face. We recommend that you avoid taking a photo of the face straight on. This allows no shadows, which makes the face look wider and adds the extra “ten pounds”. Angle your face slightly away from the camera, tilt your chin down, and avoid severe angles, try this and you will be just fine.
  2. Make your Skin Shine: A good go­to can be foundation and translucent powder for quick fixes, but it’s equally important to get as much light shining on your face as possible.
  3. Style for The Best: If you are dressed to impress half of the job is already done.
  4. Find a Background: It’s tough to go wrong if you use a white wall. Stand in front of a white wall, a light­colored backdrop will help brighten your face and the photo will come out better than you expect.
  5. Ditch Saying Cheese: Saying “cheese” may not give you the natural smile you’re looking for. Better yet, think of a joke your friend said a day before and ONTHR3, a natural smile will make your photo light up.