6 Basic Tips for Beginner Photographers

Photography is a great hobby to have and for good reason. However, people who are taking their first step into photography are faced with challenges, and dealing with the learning curve can seem overwhelming. All the camera controls, customizations options and photography jargon ­ it’s a bit scary. This definitive guide for beginners will help jump start your road to photography.

We’ll show you things you need to know plus techniques to help get you up and running in no time so you can start taking better pictures right way. This isn’t about breaking down an obscured camera instruction manual. Instead, it’s a hand­crafted cheat sheet to 8 of our basic photo tips that will help you achieve more as a photographer and inspire the world with your photos:

1. Light Makes All: It’s simple, the better the light the better the shot. In most cases, this is the kind of light you look around to find. Especially for dramatic effects. A good time to find this is during what’s known as the “golden hour”. The golden hour is the hour right around dawn and right before sunset. Golden hour is popularly known for the golden color the sun gives around those time of the day.

2. Measure The Exposure: Ever notice anything off when you’ve been in a dark room for a while and walk outside onto a bright day? You know how your eye have to adjust before you can see anything? Your camera is the same way. The point is controlling the range between dark and bright by using the “exposure compensation” button. With most digital cameras has a +/­ symbol.

3. Beauty of Perspective: “Pictures say 1000 words” you probably heard that one before. Well that’s because pictures do. When taking a shot, consider the angle you want to use, the height and distance, or which side can tell a new story of the same photo a different way.

4. Focus: Focusing on the details can make a photo pop more. Although, finding the right aesthetic for your photo is very important, it’s imperative to not lose sight of what you are really looking to capture. While there are lots of advanced things you can do with selective focus, as a beginner you want to just concentrate on getting what you want in focus.

5. Composition: Composition boils down to three thing; what you keep in the frame, what you leave out, and where you put things that are in the frame. For instance, a slightly off­center is appealing when creatively done. In Photography, this method is called “Rules of Third.”

6. Raw vs Jpeg: If your camera has the option to choose two file formats to record photos in raw or jpeg, we’ll tell you why your choice matters. With jpegs, your camera will be locked into final into a final images, this will make it tough to edit the photos later without compromising the photo quality. If you shoot in raw format you can always change the final image to jpeg.