Get The Mood Right For Your Shoot

Photography is an art and there is a lot of creativity involved. Whether it’s the photographer controlling the art direction of the lens or the photo lover looking to express themselves through pictures. Like most creatives finding inspiration is imperative to help get the creative process going. For instance in the fashion industry, creatives would use all types of mood board techniques to set the right mood.

There are several ways to help set the mood for your shoot. Here I will share a my version of mood boarding techniques I found to be helpful when my pictures are being taken:

Finding Inspiration

I find mood boarding a lot like observation. Inspiration can come from anywhere. I like to check out fresh fashion trends and cool concepts for cool pictures. For this, I take to Instagram which is my go to. Follow people you find inspiring or creative and see what cool ideas will spark from it.

Visual VS. Audio

Sometimes all you really need is to right song at the right time. Create a playlist of your favorite songs while looking through the visual inspiration. Writing down the song lyrics that are stuck in your head, while gazing on a photo of beautiful lighting you saw on Instagram, can be quite therapeutic and inspiring.

New Ideas, Test It

I found this artistic bridge in Downtown LA on a drive to a party and I really thought it would be a great idea for a few shots of myself on the edge of the bridge. Unfortunately, that idea didn’t workout so well so I discarded it. Then a friend sent a great image standing in front of art masterpiece that I found to be a great concept I wanted to share. Once you have your concept coming all together test it out. If your audience have to ask too many times what an image means or why it’s there, then it probably shouldn’t be there in the first place.