Happy 4th of July from Onthr3!

July 4th we celebrate independence for the United States of America. This year you can celebrate the nation in style. Light up the night with flashes from the camera of an Onthr3 photographer while thanking those who help protect our nation's independence. 

Onthr3 is proud to partner with the Ultimate Sacrifice Association (USA). USA is a group of passionate and determined Executives, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, and U.S. Military problem-solvers who want to make difference. 

The Quality of Life Program provided by the Ultimate Sacrifice Association provides service to those who have permanent and/or debilitating injuries as a result of their service, as well as assistance for those families who have lost a Hero in the line of duty. 

This year, as you fire up the bbq, and enjoy quality time with family and friends, capture all your your red, white, and blue spirit with Onthr3. You can book a USA “Hero” as an Onthr3 photographer to help you treasure every moment of your holiday celebrations!