Photographer's Angle: Capturing an "Aha" Moment

We have all experienced an “Aha” moment. A moment of exploration or discovery. The precise moment people experience the world outside of the norm. These moments make for perfect pictures. Great photographers know the right moment to press the shutter.

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As a photographer, one of the best tips for capturing “aha” moments, is to trust your instinct. Some photographers have developed tips to bring out this behavior in their subjects while others prefer to simply be patient and always ready. See some of our photographer shared tips below and let us know what you do to capture an “aha” moment when you’re behind the lens!

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  1. Tell your subject to do something “crazy, or silly” and almost always they will end up laughing right AFTER they make a silly pose. This always is a great moment to capture.

  2. Constantly check your camera settings. If you’re at an event, you never know when the perfect moment may pop up so always be checking to make sure you are prepared to snap in a second.

  3. Authentic conversation goes a long way to make someone feel at ease. If you can offer a genuine compliment to your subject, it helps make them feel more comfortable and open during the shoot.