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Paparazzi On Demand

Sometimes you just need to capture the moment. And without every touching a selfie stick. Last week, a new app launched in Dallas that brings photographers to you whenever and wherever you may need one. Onthr3 makes hiring a professional easy and affordable, too, with rates starting at just $60 per hour.

Onthr3 App Takes the Stress Out of Booking Professional Photographers

In 2015 in Dallas, Texas, Keith Palmer needed a photographer for a last minute surprise for his daughter. After searching for hours online to no avail and eventually seeking his friend and colleague, Ariel Davis ', assistance, the two decided it shouldn't be this hard and expensive to find a photographer.

Need a photographer fast? On-demand app connects you

Key Takeaways Professional photography can be used in an array of situations, from listing shots to open house marketing. A new player in the on-demand economy, Onthr3 for iOS, is an app that allows users to hire a professional photographer on short notice. Prices are tiered based on the photographer's level of experience.